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Find out what 40 years experience can do for you

Route Surveys and Hauling Permits can now be ordered directly from our website.

Fully certified & insured pilot car drivers available for all positions.

We can provide a route to move your load safely.

Contact us by phone or e-mail to help estimate the cost of your proposed move.

When it comes to oversize hauling, we can do it all.

We provide advice, price quotes and guidance in the preliminary stages of your oversize move.  Our reputation was built on honesty and integrity, and you can expect both whenever you call. Our goal is to give our costumers an unbiased opinion of prospective loads, so that they know exactly what to expect before committing to a job.  We have a wealth of resources available to determine exactly what you need every step of the way- no matter where your oversize load is headed.  And, if you require services we cannot provide, we will happily refer you to a trusted company that suits your needs.

If State Line Pilot Car is recognized for one thing above all else, it is our
New York State route surveys.  We can provide you with anything- from a simple proposed route for a smaller piece, to an in-depth super load route survey.  The biggest, most challenging moves often require step-by-step notation of all potential hazards that will be encountered on your route.  We can provide pictures or video that shows intersections, traffic lights, railroad tracks- or if requested, your entire route.  We will provide everything required to move your oversize load through New York both safely and legally- no more, no less.  It should be noted that we do not perform surveys within the New York City limits as that is a highly specialized area.  We believe that only local  companies should be contacted for that particular service, and we are happy to provide referrals.

We work closely with the NYS DOT and can also pick up your New York Permits at our local office.  Order your surveys and permits by calling (585) 394-9364 or just order online at Statelinepilotcar.com.  It has never been easier to get your oversize load through
New York State

We have the knowledge and experience to make your over dimensional move quick and easy. Our pilot car drivers are experienced in special hauling and have the knowledge required to assist you with any over dimensional move.  A flag car from Stateline will be properly insured & hold all necessary state certifications.  All of our drivers are New York State certified, and carry $1 million PA liability insurance.  Pilot car vehicles are properly outfitted with CBs, hand held radios,
New York state door tags, full size amber lights, "Oversize Load" signs to specifications, flags, and emergency equipment.  If your move requires CB rentals, they can be provided upon request as well. 

Anyone who is familiar with State Line Pilot Car also knows the company’s founder, Freddie Albrecht.  He has an incredible knowledge of
New York state infrastructure and actually helped build many of the roads in New York over the course of his career as an operating engineer.  Moving into the pilot car business, first as a winter job and then full time, he escorted many interesting and unique loads- of every size imaginable- across the state and across the country. His oldest daughter, Marie, joined the team in 1998, and his youngest daughter, Tricia, in 2005.  Freddie is now retired from the road, but remains happy to share his knowledge and to help others in the industry.  All of the pilot car drivers dispatched by State Line either began as, or became, close and trusted friends.  It is a great team to be a part of.  We welcome you to join our family!

Just give us a call or fill out an application online.  Get your
New York state route survey, NYS DOT special hauling permit and any pilot cars needed to assist in your next move.  State Line Pilot Car can make your over-dimensional move easier, from bidding a job right up to a safe arrival at your destination. No load is too big, no trip is too long- we are here to get the job done. 

Call State Line and get your oversized load on the road today.
No load too big, no trip too long....
             We'll be there to get the job done.