State Line Pilot Car 
& Permit Service, LLC
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Here's What We Can Do For You....

Anything from NYS Route surveys & Special Hauling permits to certified and insured pilot cars nationwide.

We can help you plan for your oversize move. 
Let us know the size of the load you plan to move and where it needs to go, so that we can let you know what is required.  Oversize moves may require suveys, permits, pilot cars, police escorts, bucket trucks, etc.   What you will need depends on the size of your load and where it is going. 

We can provide a quote to help you bid the job.
Once we have established what you will need, we can put together a quote that includes estimated prices for each requirement.  The goal is to avoid unplanned expenses from occurring once you begin your move.

Pilot car drivers are available to suit your needs.
We can provide you with the escorts you need: high pole, front, rear or steer.  Long distance trips, or short runs for loads that are high, wide, heavy, or long.  Feel free to request what you want, whether it's GPS, radio rental, in vehicle fax, or even a specific driver who you work well with.   

We can get your New York Oversize Permits Fast.
In most cases we can have your NY permit faxed to you within hours of requesting it.  

Established by Freddie Albrecht who has 40 years of hard earned experience as a driver, pilot, & business owner. 
Put his knowledge to work for you!

Contact us anytime:

Office  (585) 394-9364  Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

(516) 208-2081

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Need to speak to someone after business hours? 

You can contact Freddie @ (585) 766-2318  

New York State Route Surveys are one of our specialties.
We have provided route surveys for some of the largest loads moving thru New York State.  Freddie has extensive knowledge of NY roads & bridges, trucking routes, and the special requirements for superload surveys.  He can route your load safely thru the state regardless of the size.